BulkSMS Features

Quick overview to the sms services.

User-Friendly Interface

One click user interface. Send Millions of messages in one click. Send messages in groups. You can send messages to selective saved contacts or you can enter custom (non-contact listed) numbers as well. You can use unique tags to attach any information with any message.

Verify Your Customer

Send Verification code from your website and verify the client/customer phone number in an easy way. You can send verification code from your own phone and can manage on your website very easily. Now you will have all customers authenticated.

Send Invoices

Send invoices to your customers on successful purchase of any product form your e-commerce website or any store you are holding on, everything is very cheap that you can imagine. You can also send full receipts to your customers using sms service.

Import data easily

Import your contacts once in a single excel file. You can import any data using excel and also you can make your own tags within the excel file.

Exclusive Features of our Managed Panel


Group Messaging

Send Messages to the complete selective groups very easily. You can include any info in one message and send in one click.

Selective Messaging

Send Messages at contacts levels search and select contacts and send messages.

Custom Numbers

You can enter custom numbers and send messages at once. This features is best for those number that are not in your contact list.

Import Contacts

Import your contacts using excel file. Just follow the given pattern and upload contacts in less then 3 seconds.

Manage all Contacts

Now you can manage all imported contacts can edit or delete any contact any time you can also add single contact.


Free there are no charges for using SMS Gateway service, although if you want our numbers you will be charged.


Manged API for you own website send messages from your own website in a very simple way.

Mobile Integrating

You can integrate your android mobile with your own website or with our managed panel to send messages.

Multiple Devices

You can integrate multiple devices to one account. You will have full control over all the devices. You add or remove any device.


Manage all packages subscribed and new subscriptions. Only if you are not using your mobile as SMS Gateway.

Real time quick-data

You can see the all data and remaning data within your home page.


Now track your all sent messages with delivery reports. Track what is the status of sent messages.

Track everything easily

Take care of everything, what’s going in your account. Track all messages and your data in a manageable way.

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